Ping Pong is a specialised agency for social media communication which operates within the Abrakadabra group. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Zagreb. With a perpetually flexible and creative approach, our team of experts is presently looking after the image of clients in the region as well as in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Slovakia, The Czech Republic and Spain.

The aim of Ping Pong in the near future is to breathe life into our client’s brand identities on social networks in other European countries.

Wanna play ping pong?


We'll be right up front and tell you that the team of professionals at Ping Pong have all got Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook in their blood! With the right tools at hand and 24-hour typing we mould and shape your online reputation. We build sincere and lasting relationships with the people whose quality of life you want to influence and improve. And, we don't work on it only for a day! We'll still be working today and tomorrow and, with a bit of luck and the absence of a solar storm, we'll be working a whole lot longer!

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